What to do with a Huge Tomato

We received this gorgeous huge tomato from my sister’s boyfriend. What to do with it? After staring at it in amazement for a day as a centerpiece on our kitchen table, we decided to include it in our eggs one morning.

My son loves tomatoes. I was curious if he would bite right into it!

Look how beautiful once it is cut open.

I grilled a slice of the tomato and put scrambled egg on top. Delicious!

Christina is an odd combination of a perfectionist that insists on things happening organically, or according to nature. She wants to have all the control, yet leave life up to chance, and it is a concept that she admittedly constantly struggles with. Her love for her family puts a spark in her eye that only happens with movie effects. A self proclaimed hermit, she laughs at the hypocrisy of her love for party planning. Christina’s message is the importance of slowing down, and reclaiming joy by surrounding yourself with people and things you love. "I am going to make everything around me beautiful," she says, "that will be my life."

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