Spring Blossoms

Still being inspired by the unseasonably warm weather, I couldn’t resist bringing some more blooms into the house. I love the bright purples and pinks in this arrangement.

Hyacinth Blooms

Spring has sprung in February! We are having unseasonably beautiful warm weather here in New Jersey. We are getting 60° and 70° weather this month, and as a girl who loves the summer and outdoors, I am sure enjoying the change! Being influenced by the climate, I couldn’t resist purchasing some spring-inspired florals, especially this wonderfully smelling hyacinth. The brilliant purple and fragrant blooms remind me of those early stages of spring that bring promises of hope and joy for sunny days ahead.

Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

What to do when your son starts his first day of nursery school on Valentine’s Day, and the Valentine’s you ordered never got delivered? Well, if you are a Graphic Designer, then at 10pm the night before, you get on the computer and start designing! I created these adorable cards on the fly, and was pretty happy with how they came out.

Art Project for Kids: Valentine Cards

I love celebrating holidays with the kids, and including them with children’s art projects.

I bought a bunch of paper and stickers from Michaels.

I just lay everything out on the floor in the living room and let him create! Try not to hover over and tell them how to do it “right”. Just let them do their own thing.