Homemade Shaving Cream


I just love making my own beauty products! It thrills me to learn about different ingredients and play with combinations. I was trying to think of something I could put together for my husband… shaving cream of course! This recipe, inspired by The Garlic Diaries, is simple and easy to follow.



1/2 cup of coconut oil (4 oz)

1/2 cup shea butter (4 oz) – break up into smaller pieces.

1/4 cup olive oil

Eucalyptus essential oil – 20 drops


Create a double boiler on stove: Fill a medium pot with a two inches of water, and then place a glass bowl on top of it, making sure it does not touch the water below it. Heat on the stove over high heat, bringing the water to a simmer.

Add in the coconut oil and shea butter to the upper glass bowl. The double boiler will gently melt the ingredients.

Once everything is melted, transfer to a large bowl and stir in the olive oil.

Place in the fridge and leave there until everything has solidified to the consistency of softened butter, about two hours.

Transfer to the stand mixer bowl and whip for about three minutes, while stirring in the essential oils.

Store in an airtight container.

Note: Due to the nature of it’s natural ingredients, this shaving cream will melt as you rub it onto your skin and become clear. It may seem different to you, but the effects are top notch. Try it for yourself!

Christina is an odd combination of a perfectionist that insists on things happening organically, or according to nature. She wants to have all the control, yet leave life up to chance, and it is a concept that she admittedly constantly struggles with. Her love for her family puts a spark in her eye that only happens with movie effects. A self proclaimed hermit, she laughs at the hypocrisy of her love for party planning. Christina’s message is the importance of slowing down, and reclaiming joy by surrounding yourself with people and things you love. "I am going to make everything around me beautiful," she says, "that will be my life."

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