Gift for Men: Whiskey and Literature

WhiskyWaxSeal_FinishI thought long and hard about this one for my Husband’s birthday, and settled on two things he loves: whiskey and literature. Now to find a way to make it tie together with beautiful packaging and sentiment.

WhiskeyWaxSeal_1For this project you will need:

  1. Whiskey Bottle: Select a cool bottle of your man’s favorite Whiskey. I used this simple, medicinal looking bottle of local Bourbon Whiskey from Kings County Distillery. You can always choose another type of alcohol if he’s not a Whiskey man. A flat shaped bottled is best for tying it all together.
  2. Book: Is there a book that is meaningful to the two of you? Maybe even a collectors edition if you can find it! I loved the intricate foil-stamped cover design of this version of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The elongated shape would work perfect under the bottle. Barnes and Noble carries a beautiful Collective Editions set of other book titles following this gorgeous design.
  3. Twine: A spool of twine or hemp can be found at your local craft store.
  4. Wax Seal: To create the seal, you will need a stamp and wax. There are tons of emblems and wax colors to choose from, pick one that represents you and your partner. I chose a classic set using our last name initial “C” and the color red, found it at Nostalgic Impressions.

WhiskeyWaxSeal_2Inscribe the book to make it even more special. I chose to use an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet:

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
my love as deep;
the more I give to thee,
the more I have,
for both are infinite.”

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

WhiskeyWaxSeal_3To wrap up the package, unravel the twine along a table, and place the book on top, followed by the bottle. Isn’t it cool how the book cover peeps through the glass bottle! Wrap the twine around the items a few times and tie it in a knot.

WhiskeyWaxSeal_4Next you will apply the wax seal.

  1. Light the taper of the wax candle and hold it at an angle. Let the melted wax drip from about 2 inches above the surface until the drops of wax form a 1 inch circle.
  2. Blow out the candle and stamp in the seal.
  3. Keep it pressed for approximately 1 minute to get a perfect seal.

Voila! The perfect gift for the man in your life.

Ranunculus Flower Arrangement


My most favorite flower, Ranunculus, meaning “little frog,” in Latin, often come in multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper–thin petals, looking like an origami masterwork. The name probably refers to many species being found near water, like frogs. Whenever I see them in the store, I just can’t walk away without them. They make long-lasting cut flowers and the way their stems wiggle this way and that makes for a lively arrangement.

As often happens when I am flower arranging, a few lovely blooms break loose and snap right at the head. What a shame! No need to throw those away though, grab a shot glass or small vessel and make a tiny display that is just as beautiful.