Keys to a Balanced, Happy Life

Don’t Try to be Perfect:
Perfection does not exist and striving for it will only make you miserable. Instead celebrate the individual you are. Embrace it all – your talents, quirks and downfalls – and realize now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.

Balance_perspectiveGain Perspective:
It’s important to take part in a cause greater than yourself, to gain some perspective. At times, we can’t help but get consumed in our own problems, and helping other people makes you step outside yourself and see there are other issues in the world.

Quit, and Quit Often:
When something does not feel right to you, let it go. All too often we are pressured to try our best, endure, and keep going – but sometimes you are just running in a hamster wheel and need to get off. If you are unhappy, don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. You don’t have to be what everyone else wants you to be, you just have to be you.

Get Sleep:
You need to give your body time to properly recharge in order to give every day your best. When we are running on lack of sleep, our energy levels and judgement become impaired.

Eat Well:
Your body is your temple and you should treat it well. It will be your home for your lifetime so it is important to fuel it with natural, healthy ingredients as best you can.

Balance_helpAsk for Help:
Whether it is something simple like help preparing dinner, or something larger like coping with a loss, asking for help from others is a natural way for humans to connect. In modern society we have grown further apart, and often times struggle with life’s moments alone. Try asking for help the next time you need it, it will liberate you.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable:
Going outside of your comfort zone is when you grow and experience what life has to offer. The phrase, “Don’t be afraid” is written in the bible 365 times, as a daily reminder from God to live every day being fearless. If something is scary, but also excites you, you should definitely pursue it.

Forgive Others:
Don’t hold resentment, frankly it uses up too much of your own thoughts and energy. Forgive people that you want to keep in your life, and rid yourself of toxic people that are not good for you anyway.

Slow Down:
Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. Somehow, in our society, leisure time has become associated with being lazy. Don’t let that mindset become your norm. Slow down, wander for a bit, savor life’s little moments – the outdoors, food, music, family. Taking time to live will only inspire you in other areas, and inspiration is important to keep us going. At the end of their life, no one has ever regretted that they didn’t spend more time working.